Case Studies
Stories about how our composting toilets have helped change lives

Most of us, when we think about the ocean, palm trees and sandy beaches, we think of an idyllic holiday spot. Swimming into crystal clear water and diving under the waves can bring a relaxing sense of calm and quietness to the mind. Whilst the inhabitants of the tiny island of Rambutyo in Papua New Guinea certainly look like they live in an island paradise, the fact they didn’t have a working toilet on the island meant their bathrooms were simply rooms built over the shore.

This meant all the inhabitants went to the toilet directly into the ocean which was having health implications and causing obvious issues with the sanitation of the water they lived so closely to. Women and children had to walk quite a distance to go to the toilet and privacy was also an issue, so you can imagine the relief when a solution was found.


Working with Friends of Rambutso, Clivus Multrum have helped the villages of Rambutyo to install their first community composting toilets. This means that men, women and children will have a healthier standard of sanitation and also a usable compost after a few months of use.